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EZ WAY Tutorial for Orders Shipped via ECMS

28 Feb 2023
According to a new rule imposed by Taiwan Customs authorities, private importers are required to go through real-name authentication when goods are imported under their names. This is to prevent identity theft and the import of prohibited or illegal items.

If your order is shipping via ECMS, which is one of our carrier, you will receive a SMS reminder and a link to proceed real-name authentication.

Quick Overview

Step 1: Download the EZ WAY app and complete EZ WAY member registration and real-name verification.

Step 2: When ordering, fill in the correct name and phone/mobile contact number of the recipient.

Step 3: When your goods arrive in Taiwan from overseas, a pre-appointed declaration notification will be sent by EZ WAY. Please make sure the contents of the declaration are correct as soon as possible, then click on “Declare Conformity”.

Detailed Instruction 

  1. Download 【EZ WAY 易利委】on App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open EZ Way application
  3. Click [Sign up]
  4. Choose your Nationality and the credentials you have
  5. For people of the Mainland China Area, Hong Kong, and Macao who have resident certificate, please choose [China, Hong Kong, Macao] to continue. [Chinese Name] is a required field in application process. For people of other countries (not China, Hong Kong and Macao area), please choose [Other Country] to continue. [Chinese Name] is an optional field in application process.
  6. Take photos of both sides of the Resident Certificate
  7. On the preview page, click the arrow in lower right corner to continue.
  8. Input all fields, and click the arrow in lower right corner to continue.
  9. Check to agree all terms and conditions, and click the arrow to send verification code through SMS.
  10. Input verification code which received from text message and click [VERIFY]. If you didn’t get the text message, please check your phone No. again and make sure the Block SMS settings on your phone or click [Change Phone Number] to revise phone number
  11. . You’ve input the verification code correctly to complete the application. It might need 30 minutes for the Customs Office to review/approve your case. Click [Main page] to go back to the main page of EZ Way.
  12. After its approval, you’ll get notification through email. Meanwhile, you can see [validated] & [Success] on the main page of EZ Way.
  13. When the parcel arrives at Taiwan, the Customs broker would submit declaration to Customs. After that, you will get push notification from Ez Way. There will be numbers on the upper right of REAL NAME AUTHORIZATION function which indicates how many parcel declaration records wait for your confirmation.
  14. In REAL NAME AUTHORIZATION, it shows the declaration records. Click the arrow to see more details.
  15. The declared price and goods description can be a clue for you to determine whether this is your parcel or not. Click [Inquire Customs Clearance Procedures] to see its Customs Clearance flow.
  16. The shipment has arrived in Taiwan. If you have any question, please contact courier/ freight forwarder/ customs broker for further help.
  17. Click [Denied] reporting to Customs office if there is any false declaration and choose the reason.
  18. The status of the record would be changed into Denied from Not Yet Replied.
  19. Click the arrow to view Total Tax Amount and Detail.
  20. Click [Confirm] reporting to Customs office if the context of declaration is correct.
  21. The status of the record would be changed into Confirm from Not Yet Replied.
  22. Click the arrow to view Total Tax Amount and Details.

You can also view the official manual with pictures. 

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