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Recreation Series: A Rundown of Gear Featured in Season 1 of the Anime "Laid-Back Camp△

13 Mar 2023


Who among us hasn’t been influenced by the Japanese anime “Laid-Back Camp△” and plunged headfirst into the world of camping? The camping gear featured in the anime corresponds to real-life brand products that are not only lightweight and practical but also perfect for beginners. Let’s take a closer look at some of these items!



mont-bell - Moonlight Tent 3 (LTN)

The go-to tent for Rin Shima, commonly known as the Moonlight Tent. Due to the anime’s popularity, it quickly sold out in Japan upon release. Unfortunately, mont-bell did not reissue the 3-type, so it is now discontinued. Fans hoping to sleep in the same tent as Rin will have to settle for the updated Moonlight Tent 2, which mont-bell adjusted to closely resemble the original 3-type with a slightly wider sleeping space.

mont-bell - Moonlight Tent 2 (LTN)

Camping Lantern


GENTOS - LED Lantern SOL-036C

A battery-operated LED lantern that can be used as a tabletop lamp or hung up, featuring three color modes: white, warm white, and yellow. With a brightness of 380 lumens, it’s not the brightest but is sufficient for basic lighting needs. It has a continuous lighting time of 14 hours and weighs around 400g.



Coleman - Lumiere Lantern CM-5588

Designed to mimic the look of a candle, it emits a warm glow that creates a cozy atmosphere. It weighs approximately 210g.

Coleman - Lumiere Lantern CM-5588

Camping Chairs/Camping Table

alite - MAYFLY CHAIR 2.0

Rin Shima’s favorite chair, known as the Butterfly Chair. It features a low seat design, weighs only 635g, and is perfect for extending your legs forward while camping. Similar to the Moonlight Tent 3, this chair was discontinued in 2019, making it a rare find in second-hand markets.

CAPTAIN STAG - Aluminum Folding Table M-3713

Lightweight aluminum construction makes it ideal for quick setups and easy storage, providing a reliable cooking and dining surface. Weighs approximately 700g.

CAPTAIN STAG - Aluminum Folding Table M-3713



Coleman - Packaway Solo Cooker Set CM-12957

This set includes a deep pot and a shallow pot with measurement lines. The shallow pot can also be used as a lid. Weighs approximately 250g.

SOTO - WindMaster Stove with 4Flex SOD-310/SOD-460

Compact design with only about 5cm in three directions when packed, wind-resistant for stable high heat. A favorite for high-altitude camping, especially with the four-flex pot support. Weighs 80g.

Coleman - Packaway Solo Cooker Set CM-12957

SOTO - WindMaster Stove with 4Flex SOD-310/SOD-460

Fire Pit

Uniflame - Foldable Fire Stand

Features a bar-style storage with a roll-up stainless steel mesh. The center naturally sinks when firewood or fuel is added, making it very lightweight at 490g.

Uniflame - Foldable Fire Stand


笑’s - B-6君 Lightweight Fire Pit

Known as Rin Shima’s offering box, it folds down to about the size of a B6 sheet of paper. Originally not very popular, it gained rapid popularity after appearing in the anime. Depending on the grate or open space, it can be used for grilling, making fires, cooking vegetables, or heating drinks. Weighs around 500g. Due to its compact size, the firewood size is limited, so those with larger cooking or fire needs might consider the A-4君 model from the same manufacturer.

笑’s - B-6君 Lightweight Fire Pit


Coleman - Fireplace Kettle CM-26788

Includes a hanging handle, perfect for use with a fire pit tripod.

Coleman - Fireplace Kettle CM-26788

Grill Tongs


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