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Outdoor Life in Japan

Camping Fun: 5 Nature Activities at Japanese Campsites

13 Mar 2023

  Japan's natural resources are abundant, and various campsites strive to offer unique memories for their guests. They not only focus on the scenic locations but also put a lot of effort into designing activities. Campers can enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax, while children can participate in a variety of activities, enriching their camping experience. Here, we present an in-depth analysis of five unique activities at Japanese campsites.

  1. Fishing Experience

  Campsites often located near rivers or the sea offer opportunities for fishing and shrimp catching. You can also wade in the river, listen to the babbling water, and enjoy the embrace of nature.

  1. Yoga Experience

  Yoga is a form of aerobic exercise that doesn't require much space, but because campsites are usually set in natural environments, the openness and scenic views enhance the physical and mental experience. Yoga allows you to inhale more air rich in phytoncides!

  1. Water Activities Experience

  Water activities are very popular in summer, especially SUP, canoeing, and rafting. Campsites often collaborate with nearby water activity companies to offer these experiences at discounted prices.

  1. Stargazing Experience

  In areas without light pollution, you can enjoy the fun of stargazing. However, weather is an important and variable factor, so those planning to stargaze should always keep an eye on the weather changes!

  1. Hot Spring Experience

  Japan is a country of hot springs, and camping wouldn't be complete without a visit to a hot spring. Soaking in a hot spring not only relaxes your tired body but also allows you to enjoy the local scenery and mountain views from an open-air bath, refreshing your mind.


  With the opening of tourism, more and more people are coming to Japan for camping. You can experience different camping cultures across various regions, and the unique activities will undoubtedly make your camping memories even more unforgettable!

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