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2023 Annual Highlight New Product | Coleman Master Series "TWIN CLIFF" Shelter and Dedicated Inner Tent Now Available

10 Oct 2023

2023 Annual Highlight | Coleman Expert Series "TWIN CLIFF" Shelter and Inner Tent Now Available

2023年度注目新品 | Coleman 達人「TWIN CLIFF」遮陽帳及專用內帳隆重登場

As we enter the second half of 2023, Coleman has launched its new outdoor gear, including the "TWIN CLIFF" shelter and its dedicated inner tent from the Expert Series. Featuring versatile setup options, it offers outdoor enthusiasts more choices. Let's dive into the details of these new products with the WhoWhy team!

1. Simple yet Versatile Shade Design


The "TWIN CLIFF" is the latest product from Coleman's top-tier Expert Series "Master Series." It features a simple twin-pole shade design that can be adjusted to create a semi-open view while maintaining ventilation functionality. Its high flexibility makes it suitable for various scenarios and group sizes.


2. Versatile Setup Options


The "TWIN CLIFF" also offers a variety of setup options. You can open the front canopy as an entrance, creating a spacious interior.

Using additional or self-provided 180cm front canopy poles, you can elevate the canopy to increase the shade area while maintaining an open feel, providing ample shading. With your creativity, you can enjoy various setup styles.


3. Create a Two-Room Tent with the Inner Tent


The "TWIN CLIFF" dedicated inner tent can be hung on both sides of the interior. It can accommodate 1 to 2 people, effectively utilizing the space under the tent poles to create a two-room tent.

The inner tent is made of high-tech cotton material that absorbs indoor moisture and releases it outside, ensuring good ventilation. Additionally, large mesh windows increase air circulation, enhancing overall comfort.


Coleman's 2023 new products, the TWIN CLIFF and the dedicated inner tent, offer a variety of setup options. Whether you need shade, rain protection, a military tarp, or a two-room tent, the TWIN CLIFF can meet your needs, while also offering convenience and comfort. Enjoy your outdoor experience with friends and family or maintain the joy of outdoor activities. Stay tuned to WhoWhy's website and social platforms for the latest updates!

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