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【New Release】Coleman - Cocoon 2024 Limited: Master Series 20th Anniversary Edition

16 Dec 2023




As 2024 arrives, Coleman celebrates the 20th anniversary of its top-tier Master Series with the launch of the limited edition "Cocoon 2024 Limited". Since its debut in 2004, the Master Series has been the flagship product of the Coleman brand. This commemorative edition not only pays tribute to past classics but also looks forward to future innovations.

Here are the four main highlights of the Cocoon 2024 Limited that combine classic and innovative features:

1. Unified Brown Design of the Master Series

The "Cocoon 2024 Limited" adopts the brown color symbolic of the Master Series. This exclusive hue not only reflects the brand's rich history but also adds a unique and modern aesthetic. The distinctive brown tone makes the tent stand out in natural settings, whether in daylight or under campfire lighting, showcasing its noble and steady character.

2. "FRONT" Mark on the Outer Tent: Thoughtful Setup Guide

A "FRONT" mark is added to the front side of the outer tent, making the setup more intuitive and straightforward. This thoughtful design helps in quickly and correctly setting up the tent, especially in unstable weather conditions, reducing unnecessary troubles.

3. Versatile Camping Style Options

The Cocoon 2024 Limited offers multiple setup methods and excellent weather resistance, suitable for various camping scenarios. Whether it's a family gathering, a forest camp, or a beach campsite, this tent meets all needs.

4. Thoughtful Large Ventilation System

Considering the cold climates of winter or high altitudes, the tent is equipped with a comprehensive ventilation system. Multiple mesh windows and a transparent top cover for lighting and ventilation ensure good air circulation, making it safer to use heating and cooking appliances inside. Enjoy a comfortable indoor environment even in winter.


Coleman's Cocoon 2024 Limited is not only a stylish all-season tent but also an ideal choice for camping enthusiasts due to its practical design and functionality. The clear setup indications, versatile styles, and excellent weather resistance reflect Coleman's thoughtful consideration of camping details. If you're considering a tent from the Coleman Master Series, the Cocoon 2024 Limited will not disappoint you!


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