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【Classic Revival】Beihara Burner Manufacturing - Kerosene Vapor Lamp M214-B Detailed Introduction

23 Nov 2023


With the goal of "high quality" and "high precision", "Kaibara Burner Manufacturing" launched the "Kerosene Vapor Lamp M214-B" in 2021 after years of planning and prototyping. To this day, it remains one of the favorites among Japan's brass camping lamps. Although not a commonly used item, the decreasing number of craftsmen making such lamps, coupled with its antique appearance and rarity, only enhances its collectible value and the charm of handcrafted objects.


■ Founder: Soji Kaibara

Born in 1978 in Fukuoka Prefecture. From a young age, he had a keen interest in crafting fishing gear and other crafts, integrating craftsmanship into various hobbies

In 2016, he started designing kerosene vapor lamps, and the following year he completed the prototype "XM326-A1"

In 2020, he began designing the current lamp model "M214-B", which has been on sale since 2021


Design details of the "Kerosene Vapor Lamp M214-B" are as follows:

1. Exhaust Valve

Turn the base to open the fuel port.
※ Note: When the fuel is low, the pressure will rise more slowly after ignition, so it is recommended to fill the fuel tank.

2. Pump Rod

▲ Manually pump the rod until the blue flame is about 2-3mm away from the burner cap.

3. Stove Surface and Pot Stand

▲ Convenient for placing cooking utensils.

4. Heater Body and Burner Cap

▲ Core component, ensuring efficient combustion.

5. Heat Shield

▲ Engraved with the "Kaibara Burner Manufacturing" logo.


▲ Diagram of parts and their names.


The "Kerosene Vapor Lamp M214-B" is designed with outdoor use in mind. From design to manufacturing and assembly, everything is handled by Kaibara Burner Manufacturing, ensuring high quality and craftsmanship that sets it apart from other brands. The kerosene vapor lamp is not only a continuation of traditional craftsmanship but also a modern innovation for outdoor living. The spirit of innovation is commendable, and we look forward to more high-quality and high-precision products from them in the future.


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