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New Color Iwatani mini-maru Multifunctional Griddle Stove

13 Mar 2023

Iwatani has always been known for its cool and stylish designs, but this time they’ve introduced a product that even the ladies will love! The mini-maru multi-functional grill pan stove comes in a lovely macaron blue paired with gray. The most considerate features include a deeper pan design and a transparent lid with a handle, allowing you to see the cooking process, greatly enhancing usability! The original box also thoughtfully includes a recipe book, covering stir-frying, pot cooking, and grilling meat, making it an all-in-one package. The highlight is that this product is still made in Japan, showcasing Iwatani's craftsmanship and quality. It's truly impeccable.




▲ Non-stick deep pan design, perfect for meals from breakfast to late-night snacks!

 iwatani-mini-maru-close look

▲ Transparent lid with handle, easy to observe and control, super easy to clean, highly recommended!


▲ Windproof design, quick cooking, perfect for outdoor meals.


▲ Beautiful recipe book, easy for beginners to master cooking.

【Product Specifications】

Main body size: W302× D282 × H193 mm

Grill pan size: W232× D232× H46 mm (Internal: W212× D212× H23 mm)

Country of origin: Japan

Weight: Approximately 2.8kg

Material: Steel plate/Aluminum alloy/ABS resin (Grill pan: Cast aluminum fluororesin coating)

Gas consumption: 92.9g/h

Power: 1.28kW (1100 kcal/hour)

Fuel: Butane gas canister

Iwatani - mini-maru Multi-functional Grill Pan Stove CB-JHP-1

It’s exciting to see a Japanese brand like Iwatani step out of their comfort zone to provide more options for those who enjoy different camping styles, especially since stylish products have often been the specialty of Korean brands.

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