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New Arrival | muraco - KRAKEN Black Sphere Tent

25 Aug 2023


New Arrival | muraco - KRAKEN Tent Shelter



Japanese brand muraco has launched various tent models in black, gray, and white. This time, they've released a black tent with a trendy spherical design called KRAKEN, which has caused quite a stir in the Japanese outdoor community. Named after the legendary Norse sea monster, KRAKEN, the tent embodies the image of a giant squid.


Most spherical tents on the market are quite large, typically over 4 meters in diameter. The KRAKEN, with a diameter of 3.6 meters, is a rare medium-sized tent. It features a top cover symbolizing the monster's head, and the tent poles extend downwards to represent its tentacles.


This size design not only makes it easier for small groups of campers to set up and use, but also enhances its performance in insulation, shading, and water resistance with the included waterproof groundsheet.



The KRAKEN features eight ventilation openings and TPU transparent skylights above the front and rear double doors, allowing for natural light and star-gazing from inside the tent. It also includes two triangle storage bags that can be attached as needed.




For sleeping needs, muraco also offers a five-person inner tent as an optional add-on. The inner tent is suspended for easy installation and includes a space for shoes and storage at the front, allowing for wet and dry separation during rainy weather.




The creative design of the KRAKEN tent brings the legendary sea monster to life. With its medium size filling a market niche, the KRAKEN's fierce and mysterious appearance makes it a standout choice. If you want your own KRAKEN at your campsite, don't miss the first release opportunity. Visit WhoWhy's KRAKEN page to order and stay tuned for more updates from WhoWhy.


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